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To my brothers and sisters of Beniardà

Almost a year ago, since I am not with you and, despite that, I will point back to your homes through this “* Booklet” as it did during the last five years.

When I did it before, I always tried to encourage you to keep growing human and * Christianly, to continue working to make people, to keep fighting so that the party always be in more …

This year, although it is true that I would say the same thing, I also want to talk about what is now within me towards you with the greatest respect and the greatest humility. There are many memories and experiences that crowd in my mind and what I want are going away without worrying about the style, the way or the concert. Because in fact, this was how five years of my life were among you, simple people who do not understand or want to understand about “categories” and “social classes” in which humans often classify those around us.

I do not know if anything I could teach you to use then, today or tomorrow. However, there are many things that I learned from you.

As a man, I learned that in simplicity there is the greatness and beauty of a person and a people. I learned that it is more important to hear that addressing the word, talking about boring with hollow speeches, working hard to plan and not doing. I learned your language that I love so much today and that I use as its own. I learned how to gain time by “losing it” with an old man who, sitting by the fire, tells his life and history, his pain and his hope.

As a Christian, I learned to share my faith with you, trying to discover in the events of each day those hidden designs of God that are not always easy to interpret. I learned that there are many ways in which we can live our belief in God and that there is not only a way to reach Him. I learned that it is not better that he continually has God in his mouth, but he who lives in his clean heart and shows him by serving his brothers.

As a priest, I also learned a great virtue: patience. Not because running more is arrived before; I wanted to run too much at first, but I learned that every thing at its time and that every time is for one thing. I learned that celebrating the Eucharist in a church that is poor and simple, but clean, can be more beautiful than the framework of a grand cathedral where incense, ceremony and singing can make the most important thing to be missed in view of prayer. I learned that the greatest of this life is to present Jesus Christ and show it to the brothers you love and love you.

These and many more are the memories and things that I learned among you, men and women who smell a rich village bread and who know how to love and share everything they are and what they have. Thank you all Thanks Beniardá.

I only have to tell you something that I do not know if in five years I was able to make you understand and that is the great truth of your life: God, our Father, loves you as you are and Jesus Christ, our brother, walks along with you; Do not be afraid and live by loving life.

Your brother