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The town on the thirties

The traditional customs, the way to celebrate the holidays, the popular and collective amusements, I dream a very important aspect of the life of a people, of a country. It is important, from time to time, to make a small reminder of what our culture is, a part of which, which we refer to in this paper, has been transmitted orally, from generation to generation, and which today is in a precarious situation. This situation is due, among other reasons, to the absence of treatment and maintenance of schools, cultural entities, TVV, and also, partly, due to the lack of a cultural policy and recognition of our identity. Valencian

We must bear in mind that our valencianity, beyond four topics, is the differential fact that enriches us and that enriches with its contributions other peoples and cultures of the world.

Although when we talk about culture, we always think of literary, historical, artistic or scientific facts, there is a more alive, more day to day: popular culture, that is, songs, sayings, sayings and, of course, the customs that people have been acquiring over the centuries and that have been forging a way to be their own, a way of understanding everything that surrounds us. It is important not to forget these aspects of culture, since, if we do, we would lose an important part of our identity.

That is why this year the Festival Commission makes a small contribution of our local culture, remembering aspects that almost seemed forgotten, but that, at the moment we have dug a little, they have appeared alive in the minds of our elders, as it should be, and how it will continue to be in the future. We hope that everything that is ours does not end up being a simple folkloric memory of the past. As our esteemed poet Vicent Andrés Estellés says, we need to keep in mind that:

(…) “What counts is the conscience of being nothing but being a people”. Book of the Maravelles.

And maybe just like that, we will walk with pride to be part of a town that faithfully maintains its own identity: The Valencian people.