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“Les Fadrines” festivity

– In September he held here in Beniardà the “festa de les fadrines” in honor of the Immaculate Conception. This party of the organized four young people who had been graceful in a drawing to be made between all; throughout the year made a raffle to raise some money for though the parties were simpler now, it was also more difficult to put together the budget that was needed to bring a small band and other expenses.

– It was customary Sunday afternoon four foremen, the children and other young people who wanted to accompany, leaving the village with a banner of the Virgin singing the rosary and the doors of the houses that were asking sing a song, it was like a prayer to the virgin asking a favor, knew a lot, but most were asking was for the sick.


Oh lady health. Health my queen. Health to the sick. Health oh Mary.
Streets and squares walks the Virgin visiting sick not to forget me.

For this we paid the amount of 50 cents or a quarter, but throughout the year something was collected. At the party like all mass, dancing and procession. The band picked up the festeras that premiered suit to go to church. The four boys who carried the Virgin were elected by them and used to be boyfriend, friend or brother.

I do not know that exact date and were missionaries came a few days doing lectures, spiritual exercises and masses. They brought in procession to some saints and as seen in the photo to the Immaculate we wanted to bring the girls who had been festeras. The commission has asked me to remember this party and I do.

Someone will seem ridiculous but it was endearing and beautiful.